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for Caribmask Carnival 2022


To Register/Purchase Costume:

STEP 1: Browse and add your costume with all bodywear/add-on options to your cart. PLEASE NOTE: In addition to your costume, the following product items must be added to your cart before checking out: feathered headpieces/leg pieces, wire bras, whole piece bodysuits & boy shorts/high-waisted bottoms. Once ALL of your items are in your cart, you may then proceed to checkout.
STEP 2: Once you have inputted your registration details, select pickup. 

STEP 3: Checkout with KLARNA as illustrated in the table below. PLEASE NOTE: The first payment is due at registration and is considered as your registration deposit.
STEP 4: Enter any promo code made available to you and place order.

frontline (1).jpg

To Register/Purchase T-SHIRT:

STEP 1: Add your t-shirt order to the cart.

STEP 2: Checkout with KLARNA, paypal or debit/credit card.

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